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Avión sobrevuela Cuba.
Avión sobrevuela Cuba. Youtube

Una vacuna contra la 'volvedera'


'Al cabo de mi vida, con 76 años de edad y 57 fuera de Cuba, secretamente me había dado la volvedera'

Motorways in Hanoi.
Motorways in Hanoi. VOV

Raúl Castro's Autistic Logic

Los Ángeles

'All products, and particularly food, will be more expensive than before price caps were imposed. This is where it backfires.'

Che's picture.
Che's picture. EL PAÍS

Higher salaries, worthless money?

Los Ángeles

'If the purchasing power of the CUP peso is already very low, now that the volume of money in circulation is on the rise, it will fall even more, and become mere paper, devoid of any value.'