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Violence Against Women

Four femicides in one week in Cuba, 18 in 2022, and the Government does nothing

The most recent victim of gender violence was Arletty Reyes Batista, 24, the mother of a four-year-old girl.

Central Urbano Noris, in the eponymous municipality in Holguín.
Central Urbano Noris, in the eponymous municipality in Holguín. Ecured

The feminist platform Yo Sí Te Creo (I Believe You) in Cuba and the Observatory of the magazine Alas Tensas confirmed another murdered woman in the province of Holguín, with a total of four femicides documented by these independent initiatives in the last week.

The most recent victim of violence against women was Arletty Reyes Batista, 24, who lived in a rural area of the municipality of Urbano Noris.

The young woman, who studied Agro-Industrial Process Engineering at the University of Holguin, and was the mother of a four-year-old girl, died after leaving for said institution on June 25. The killer was a neighbor, the report stated.

Her death comes in addition to those confirmed by the activists, who this week reported the case of Daniela Hernández Terrero, murdered at the hands of her former partner and the father of her two children. The perpetrator committed suicide after committing the murder. This incident also occurred on June 25, in Centro Habana.

The case of Tania González, who perished on June 27 at the hands of her husband, and in the presence of her daughter and grandson, at her home in El Diezmero, in the Havana municipality of San Miguel del Padrón, joins this list of fatal incidents.

The fourth instance is that of the young Claudia Montes, who had been missing for two weeks and was finally found, murdered, in the municipality of Martí, Matanzas. The Yo Sí Te Creo activists confirmed days later that the young woman was the victim of a "sexual femicide."

The members of the initiative against violence against women stated that they are investigating two new alerts of possible femicides at this time.

"To date, in 2022 alone our observatory has recorded 18 femicides," read the statement, which again insisted that the Cuban Government must declare "a gender violence emergency in Cuba."

A report by Alas Tensas states that at least 36 women apparently died last year in Cuba at the hands of their partners, and another 32 suffered similar fates in 2020.

To these cases may be added the disappearances of at least two young mothers: Yosleny  López Carpio, from Santa Clara, whose whereabouts have been unknown since June; and Yeniset Rojas Pérez, from Ranchuelo, Villa Clara, in a similar situation for three and a half months, without the authorities having given their relatives any clues as to their possible whereabouts.

In addition, 16-year-old Madeleysis Rosales has been missing since May 30, 2021, in Havana, while the fate of 21-year-old Addys López Rosales, also from the capital, has been a mystery since May 2.

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