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Editorial: A First Step Towards the Castros' Prosecution

The ban on travel to the US should also include Fidel Castro's descendants, as well as military and political figures of the regime.

Raúl Castro at the Summit of the Americas, Panama, 2015.
Raúl Castro at the Summit of the Americas, Panama, 2015. AP

The Castro family's trips to the United States are no more, as a measure out of Washington has barred Raúl Castro and his four children from travelling to the US.

Several leaders of the regime in Venezuela regime had already been banned from entering the United States, but a similar measure had been lacking for those who, via Havana, support said regime, despite its ravaging of the country. The Castros, who have destroyed Cuba, have shown even less compassion for a foreign country that they have taken advantage of, and continue to, mercilessly.

At least two of Raúl Castro's children are guilty of human rights violations. Alejandro Castro Espín, who prominence has waned ever since the mysterious health problems suffered by US and Canadian diplomats in Havana, controls, or controlled, the regime's counterintelligence.

His sister Mariela Castro Espín, meanwhile, resorts to repressing any and all LGTBI activists that step out of line. A supposed champion for human rights, she does nothing but violate them, and she sees to it that there is no historical re-examination of Cuba’s concentration camps for homosexuals, and other "undesirables", in the 60s under her father and uncle.

Raúl Castro's other daughters, although they do not hold office, live a life of privilege at the Cuban people’s expense. As do their spouses and descendants. They are, all of them, if not violators of human rights, corrupt members of a ruling family.

The fact that a good part of that family is now barred from entering the US is a first step towards their future prosecution for their activities; such a process of legal reckoning is something Cuba will one day have to undertake, for its future, without any intervention by Washington.

For this first step, however, it would be beneficial for the ban on travel to the US to also include the descendants of Fidel Castro, as well as military and political figures of the Castro regime.

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