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Editorial: Cubana de Aviación, ETECSA and PCC: In Crisis

The responsibility for the deaths in the plane crash and for the telecommunications failures are attributable to the entity behind both monopolies, and the whole country: the Communist Party of Cuba.


In recent weeks, two of Cuba's state monopolies have revealed their utter state of decline. 

Though the investigation remains ongoing and has not yet disclosed its findings, there is already evidence that rife negligence and corruption at Cubana de Aviación led to the crash of the flight on 18 May; criminal negligence and corruption, given the loss of life.

Even the official press has recognizedthe dearth of aircraft, shortages of spare parts and specialized personnel, and even a lack of funds to return the amounts for cancelled flights.

In recent weeks, numerous domestic flights (from Havana to Camagüey, Moa, Manzanillo, Bayamo and Guantanamo) and international routes have been suspended (from Havana to Mexico and the Dominican Republic), and the frequencies of existing domestic flights have been reduced.

Another of the major state monopolies, the telecommunications entity ETECSA, is suffering equally serious difficulties. On June 25th more than 1.5 million mobile phones lost their signals, accounting for 29% of the country's cellular telephone service. And, even without completely solving those problems, new technical issues left users of Enet and Nauta without email access. The platforms hosting the regime's most important digital press media also lost service.  

The disasters at Cubana de Aviación and ETECSA are part of a wider State crisis affecting our country. The responsibility for the deaths of the passengers on that Havana-Holguín flight, and for repeated telecommunication failures, lies with, beyond Cubana de Aviación and ETECSA, the entity administrating both monopolies, and the entire country: the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC). 

The State is beholden to a single party, and telecommunications and air communications are dominated by the State. With a president with limited maneuvering room and a constitutional reform process that is unlikely to curtail the PCC's corner on power, the Cuban crisis is going from bad to worse, quickly.


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