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Editorial: The Cuban Government Must Close the Borders

For economic reasons, Cubans are being placed in danger.


The Cuban Government has justified keeping schools and workplaces open, arguing that all the Covid-19 infections identified in the country have come from abroad, and closing them would only aggravate social tension.

This same logic, however, would justify the closure of borders, a measure that the authorities have opposed to date.

The idea of keeping borders open and curbing the virus through tighter greater control on entrance into the country is reckless. As we know, the virus has a long incubation period, and it is very difficult to detect in asymptomatic patients. Compounding this, economic and hygienic conditions in the country are awful. One need only think about the problems it has supplying the people with drinking water, and the shortage of cleaning supplies. To this must be added a deteriorating health system with facilities far inferior to the ones foreign visitors ever see.

Thus far few cases have been identified in the country, but open borders and the constant luring of international tourism do not augur well. For economic reasons, the government is jeopardizing what is a very old Cuban population rife with high-risk groups.

To protect Cubans' health, and lives, the borders must be closed.

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