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A Rundown of Repression in 2018

A hundred arrests, a dozen raids and at least three prison sentences, in these first 43 days alone.


These are the incidents of repression that DIARIO DE CUBA has reported since the beginning of the year.

February 2018

- February 12: Activist Arianna López reports physical abuse of her ten-year-old daughter at school

- February 11: At least 30 "Ladies in White" are arrested to prevent them from attending Mass and participating in the #TodosMarchamos (WeAllMarch) campaign

- February 10: State Security prevents six activists from leaving the country

- February 9: The regime lets Dagoberto Valdés leave the island

- February 8: A dozen UNPACU activists arrested in several provinces

- February 8: Four homes of UNPACU activists are raided

- February 7: Two ICLEP journalists arrested

- February 7: Dagoberto Valdés, Director of the Coexistence Studies Center, barred from leaving the country

- February 7: An ASIC journalist is arrested, and a trade unionist is summoned to trial

- February 7: UNPACU activist summoned for an anti-government street protest in 2015

- February 6: Henry Laso, a dissenting rapper, arrested after a fight with a State Security agent

- February 6: An activist with the "Christian Reflection Movement" sentenced to six months in prison

- February 4: At least 30 "Ladies in White" arrested to prevent them from attending Mass and participating in the #TodosMarchamos (WeAllMarch) campaign

- February 2: Lía Villares and Luis Trápaga, backers of CubaDecide, arrested

- February 2: Journalist Augusto César San Martín Albístur, of Cubanet, threatened with imprisonment

- February 2: An activist arrested for protesting the farcical "elections" was threatened with death

- February 2: State Security threaten DDC journalist Adriana Zamora

- February 2: The ICLEP denounces the "disappearance" of journalist Raúl Velázquez

- February 1: The CCDHRN reports at least 330 arrests for political reasons in January of 2018

January 2018

- January 29: A third journalist with the magazine La Hora de Cuba, Iris Mariño, is accused of legal usurpation

- January 29: At least 20 "Ladies in White" arrested to prevent them from attending mass and honoring José Martí

- January 26: Eliécer Palma Pupo, a contributor to DIARIO DE CUBA, arrested

- January 26: Six activists with the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) arrested

- January 23: Five independent trade unionists arrested

- January 23: Attempt to evict a family in Morón

- January 22: Two activists with the Captain Tondique Project, in Matanzas, are slapped with a 1,000-peso fine

- January 21: More than 30 Ladies in White arrested

- January 19: A bicycle taxi operator is sentenced to ten months in prison

- January 15: The family of opposition doctor Eduardo Cardet reports that he has yet to fully recover from the beating that he was given in prison

- January 14: A dozen Ladies in White throughout Cuba are arrested to prevent them from attending Mass and participating in the #TodosMarchamos campaign

- January 11: Ladies in White Leticia Ramos and María Cristina Labrada are arrested

- January 10: The homes of several activists and independent journalists in Camagüey are raided before Raúl Castro's visit

- January 7: Operations against the delivery of toys for the Day of the Maggi. At least a dozen Ladies in White are arrested, and an activist with the United Antitotalitarian Forum (FANTU) is sentenced to two years in prison

- January 7: Berta Soler arrested for the second time

- January 4: Berta Soler arrested arrested on the occasion of Federica Mogherini's visit 

- January 3: Siege of the Ladies in White headquarters

Thus far this year, in addition, several activists have gone on hunger strikes to protest measures taken by the regime:

- In Holguín, the three Miranda Leyva brothers began a hunger strike on January 26. They are protesting because the regime is "threatening to take away their custody" of two minors in the family.

- In Santiago de Cuba UNPACU activist Tomás Núñez Madariaga, 66, went on a hunger strike, and stopped after 23 days. He had begun the protest to demand the return of the property that the authorities seized from him when he was arrested on January 2017: two cell phones, two flash drives, his passport, and some 600 Cuban pesos (about $25) "earned through as a self-employed worker"

- In Santa Clara activist Arianna López Roque and her husband, the imprisoned dissident Mitzael Díaz Paseiro, went on hunger strikes in January (she, at the door of her house, and he, in prison) to demand an end to the "mistreatment" suffered by Díaz Paseiro in jail. They suspended their protest when their demands were met.

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