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The regime paroles the three siblings from Holguín who went on a hunger strike

They will have to remain hospitalized for several days, said the mother, who explained that one of her daughters, Miranda Anairis, is in serious condition.


On Sunday the regime released on parole the three siblings from Holguín who had been on a hunger strike since March 7, when they were sentenced to a year in prison for the alleged "defamation of heroes and martyrs and public disorder" during the funeral ceremonies honoring Fidel Castro, confirmed the children's mother, Maydolis Leyva Portelles.

Leyva Portelles talked with DIARIO DE CUBA after visiting her children, Anairis Miranda and Fidel Batista, at the Hospital Vladimir Ilich Lenin, in Holguín.

"I have their parole papers," said the mother, who was on her way to the Lucía Iñiguez Clinical Hospital to visit her other daughter, Adairis Miranda.

"She called me while I was at the Hospital Lenin and told me that she had been paroled too," explained Leyva Portelles.

These types of licenses function like a kind of probation, and allow the regime to put dissidents back in prison if they so choose.

The mother explained that Anairis and Fidel are next to each other at the Hospital Lenin, where they are currently being nourished via IV.

"The doctor told me that they are going to keep Fidel for three or four days, for his recovery, but Anairis will be there much longer, as her condition is serious. She could die," she said.

"She was very excited when she saw me because she was suffering, from not able to see me, and she began to cry. The doctor told her: 'No, no, don't cry. You've got to relax.' They explained to me that she has a heart condition. Her condition is very delicate," her mother stated.

The repression this family from Holguín has suffered for refusing to honor the official mourning of Fidel Castro's death sparked criticism both on and off the Island.

On Friday Amnesty International called the siblings "prisoners of conscience" and demanded their "immediate and unconditional" release.

On the same day the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN), the United Anti-totalitarian Forum (FANTU) and the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), internal opposition organizations, warned of the "grave danger" the siblings' lives were in.

Leyva Portelles expressed gratitude for the support she and her children had received. "Without your support we wouldn't have achieved this. I'm grateful to everyone, on and off the Island," she said.

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